Parents are raving about us...

“When going through some emotional turbulence, I reached out to Meg for help. I knew she’s listen. I knew she’d understand. I knew she’d ask questions that take me deeper into self inquiry. That is exactly what happened. It was like she knew exactly how to pull the thread to unravel what was needed to be seen and healed. She illuminated the blind spots and that’s what it took…to get me back into connection with myself and my daughter. Back to peace and bliss. She is awesome!"

Ola D. – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“I was having a hard time with my toddler being home full-time while working from home. I contacted Meg who helped me recognize that I was doing too much for my son, not allowing him to be independent, doing too much for the family, and not taking care of myself. Meg’s support and wisdom changed the dynamic of our household after just a few sessions. My child is happier and so am I! Thank you, Meg, I will continue to use your support and advice for other issues that arise."

Jen A. – Portland, Oregon USA

“After a long battle with my teenager, I reached out to Meg for some help. She was a lifesaver and helped me to see that I was the blockage between me and my teenager. What an eye opener which has created a huge shift in our relationship.”

Sara B. – Denver, Colorado

“Having Meg in my back pocket is a gift. I have utilized her expertise over and over through the years with both of my children. ”

Amy M. – Chicago area