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Parenting Help and Coaching in Portland, OR

Our Mission

Heart Centered Parenting offers highly trained and experienced parent coaching to guide you along your parenting journey and to assist you in raising empowered, resilient and conscious children. There is no need to struggle - we offer parenting help and solutions for all your parenting concerns. The answers will become clear as you work one-on-one with your parenting coach.

We are passionate about helping families and will walk along side you every step of the way.

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"The way to fix the world is through parental evolution. To zone in on the parent-child dynamic, is to heal the planet."

- Dr. Shefali Tsabary

A Warm Welcome to Heart Centered Parenting

Parenting is an opportunity to learn and grow through relationship with your children. With awareness, you can transform to become your authentic self and we are here to give you hands-on strategies and powerful tools to assist you.

Helping parents with children of all ages, is why our Portland, Oregon based, online Parent Coaching, Parenting Help and Education Practice was established. Meg O'Keeffe began Heart Centered Parenting as a Montessori trained Educator of 30 years and a certified Conscious Parenting Coach™ by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.  

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Support From An Experienced And Knowledgeable Educator

With her 30 years of teaching children and 12 years owning a Montessori school, Meg has a deep understanding of children. Creating authentic relationships between parents and children is her passion.

Meg's rich experience has taught her how to help families create connection, identify their child's needs, and to heal the relationships with their children from the inside out.

Moving from conflict to consciousness takes awareness and change which is among the essential learning tools Meg incorporates into the coaching she offers parents like you.

The Conscious Parenting Coach™

A Conscious Parenting Coach is a guide and partner who helps you uncover the clear path to becoming a present and conscious parent. We are trained to be direct co-problem-solvers working in an active manner to assist you in getting the relationship you long for with your child. Our approach, unlike therapy, is timely and focuses on solutions. Every session is unique and tailored to each of our clients.
We offer a free 30 minute phone consultation for new clients.

We are trained to help clients: 

  • Get through stuck behavioral patterns 
  • Declutter emotional obstacles
  • Implement alternative methods to traditional discipline 
  • Achieve more empowered communication with their children 
  • Achieve a sense of lightness and joy in parenting
  • Discover who it is they authentically are
  • Discover who it is their children authentically are
  • Create a workable plan of action for the parent
  • Refer parent to resources in the community and online